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Sweets Tour of Istanbul

11:00 – 15:30

This walking tour will give you an insider knowledge in to Istanbul’s sweet scene.

We will start at a reknown baklava store where you will taste the world famous Baklava. Then we will stop to taste Katmer, which is made from tissue-thin pastry with a filling of pistachios, sugar and cream. In Gaziantep, the morning after a wedding, the groom’s family sends katmer to the bride’s family.  After a short walk over the Galata Bridge we will sit down to taste well known Turkish desserts like Noah’s puddingMilk puddings and Zerde.

During the tour we will stop by a historical Turkish delight shop and taste Tahini halvapistachio paste and the best Turkish delights.

Our tour will end stopping for Lokma and Turkish coffee as there is a Turkish saying “ A cup of coffee is remembered for forty years”.