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Our gastronomic tour begins at the famous Spice Bazaar where you will experience “A Spice Tasting Session ” and learn how different spices have different uses and what makes Turkish cuisine so special.

Travellers visiting Turkey know that they are in for some delicious eating, and even if you have no idea what to expect, you’ve probably heard of something known as Kebab.

In Istanbul, though there are many tasty options for this specialty,you will taste  the best one that belongs to its “originator”.

The Iskender Kebab comes from Bursa in Northwestern Turkey. It is made with thinly sliced lamb or beef topped with tomato sauce over sliced pide bread.  Tomato sauce and boiling butter are poured over the dish. The dish is served with a side of yogurt. You can find this kebab anywhere in Turkey and will absolutely fall in love with it.

You will take ferry over the Bosphorus and a 20 minute cruise will take you on the Asian side of Istanbul.

After a stroll through the Kadıköy Food Market with a stop at a Pickle Shop and tasting Lahmacun (Turkish Pizza) you will sit down to taste the best Turkish Kebab!

After lunch stop at Hacı Bekir for Lokum (Turkish Delight tasting).

The Hacı Bekir name is known as the place where lokum (Turkish delight) began its international journey. Ali Muhiddin Hacı Bekir Confectioners have a history that dates back to the eighteenth century. Travellers wrote about Ali Muhiddin’s lokum and akide (hard candy) and brought some back to their home country. From there the legend of Turkish sweets grew. In fact it is said that Sultan Mahmud II got word (and taste) of this confectioner’s product and appointed him as Imperial Chief Confectioner.

You will end your tour sipping Turkish Coffee at the market.