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Istanbul Food Tour with Turkish Flavours

Istanbul food tour is the best way to discover the variety in the Turkish Cuisine.

Whether this is your first time exploring Istanbul or you have been many times, Turkish Flavours Istanbul Food Walks promise unforgettable memories from your vacation in Istanbul.

The Turks love to eat. It is not a particular dish that they like but tastes, smells, passion and the pleasure are most important.

The pleasure is reflected in the fruits and vegetables displayed in the markets, the fishermen cooking their catch in small boats, it is radiant in the hospitality.

Life in Istanbul revolves around food in many pleasurable ways. Street foods like Kokoreç ( lambs intestines stuffed with offal and spices), fried mussels, lahmacun, meze, baklava are mouthwatering and habit forming. There is always time to stop and eat.

On our tours we will  take you across wonderful local eateries to experience the tastes and sights of the real Istanbul where locals eat and drink everyday.

We will wander and stop for tastings at the Kadıkoy Market, a bustling market brimming with fresh fish, fruits, and vegetables, stellar pastry shops, simple restaurants and few tourists.

On our market tour a gourmet lunch will be served at famous Çiya restaurant where the creators, will take you for a journey in their kitchen, rich in “dishes from a broad geographical space, spanning from Mesopotamia to the Ottomans, from the Balkans to the Caucasus and from Asia to the Arabian Peninsula.”

Choose one of our Istanbul Food tours and treat yourself to a casual tour at a relaxed pace. Take a walk and enjoy some Turkish food with us.

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